There is a Naked Man

Robert Tremmel

Main Street Rag Press
40 pp.

There is a Naked Man
This chapbook of poems is in the advance order phase of publication. The poems in it all feature the naked man (except those that feature the naked woman), who manages to find himself (and herself) in all manner of situations, some that will be familiar to readers, others that will not. In fact, some may seem downright bizarre. It is important to note, though, that wherever the naked man is and whatever he is doing, he is not necessarily naked in the sense of being without clothes (although sometimes he might be). One clue to the kind of nakedness that occurs most often in this book is the epigraph from Zen Master, Kosho Uchiyama: “You have to open your eyes to your present reality and start off with a totally naked self. . . .” Another clue is the cover design, a piece of original artwork by Emily Lupita Plum.

One of the advantages of ordering through advance sales is that you can buy the book at a discount. During this phase, the cover price is only $7 plus shipping (currently $1 per book. To order, visit the "Coming Soon" page of the Main Street Rag Press Online Bookstore.

For those who would rather not order online, There is a Naked Man may also be ordered by check or credit card directly from the publisher; however, the discount is not as much if ordered this way ($9/book—postage included). Send to
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